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Today is Sunday the 27th. I wake put and look at the clock. It is 9:25 am. Time to get up and and put on my clothes, pick up the bicycle and go for a walk. It is 9:30 and near my home there is a group of cyclists ready to go . I am still having breakfast . I am late today but it does not  matter me . I think: – » I will find then by the way».

As regular I ride to the north of the city , cross the roads that surround Seville and cycle to La Algaba. I do not  see any ciclist´s group yet, they must have taken other road this sunday.  Anyway, I enjoy beautiful landscape, some corn fields over there, cotton fields, a huge extension of  terrain with lot of huge and healthy oranges trees. 

I cross the river Guadalquivir and past near  la Algaba. At the round square I turn my way left  and continue cycling till i get to a cross roads and  follow the national road N630 . During almost 20 km I climb with the Guadalquivir valley on my back and in front the gate of an old group of mountain in northern Andalusia, Sierra Morena.

I am in las Pajanosas 25 km from Seville, now it is time for carving and downhill. Half the way from las Pajanosas to Gillena I stop near a prickly pear which is by Gapagar stream. The fig from  that tree are small but delicious  as honey.

From the cementary gates to las Pajanosas and back to the grave

From the cementary gates to las Pajanosas and back to the grave

I continue my way down  to Seville city rolling fast as a motorbike and as happy as a man who is enjoing his freedom could be.

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