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Today will be a great cycling day. It is Half past eight a quarter of hour till the sun has risen. I get ready for a 6 hour ride from Seville to Los Caños de  Meca small village next to the seaside and near the fishers town of  Barbate.

I inflate my racing wheel to 100 psi or 8 bar. I oil the chain. My machine is ready to go. I pick up some food and put into a little back sack I take an apple and a sandwich (un popular bocadillo de chorizo).

It is nine o´clock I ride to the south of the city going forward Cádiz. I avoid the cycle path,it  is dangerous when you ride at 33 km per hour on a sharing  pavement with pedestrian and you must be warned of pavement step, the cross road with such a slim tires (23mm), the cars that jump the traffic jams, the mommy with a child coach, the ancient people…

I ride to la palmera avenue and towards Bellavista and them forwards to Dos Hermanas. I´m going to the National Road IV . Normalyit is a busy road with lot of  truck but with a 80 to 100 km/h speed limit, the borders are wide enough and most of the way is flat. The landscape is full of great extension of cereals field all is brown and yellow some green spot over there on smooth hill overthere, green lines made of  cane growing  by the streams,tall eucaliptus by the  road.

At a croosroad next to a roadside called venta Julia or Julian, I left the National road 4, I turn right and head south-east to Gibalbin village.

From that point I am driving  peaceful quite road through a pasture ground landscape and rounded hills.

Gibalbin hill are planted with grapevines. The grapes have been already picked up, the air smell like mosto ( it is a kind of alcoholic juice ).

I arrive to a small village at the feet of Arcos de la Frontera and next to a river cross. The rivers Guadalcacin and Guadalete mets each other here. I have meal at a roadside in called: «Cruce de los Rios».

Then I continue my way. The next town i am getting is Paterna ( Cádiz ). From Paterna to Medina Sidonia the road is bump and full of  holes so i take it slow and rest.

Once again i´m in a crossroad. I head along to Vejer de la Frontera.

Vejer is a moorish town on a hill. I decided to climbto Vejer. from top i am able to admire the the surrounds landscape. What a wonderful view!, looking back the way riden I feel like those grounds,rivers, trees…are part of me.

At the south-east is La Janda´s lagoon. It use to be a lagoon but now is dry and plant with rice went rain comes is refilled with water and you make yourself about what once upon a time was the hugest lagoon in Europe. Crossing by the lagoon is the river Barbate wich die flooding the ground. The town of Barbate  is by a salt marsh at the mouth of  river. Now on i am just 7 kilometres to destination; Los Caños de Meca. I head  the fishing port , climb the clift and ride along a pine forest finally I ride down hill admire the Tafalgar´s cape the lighthouse welcome myself  home.


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