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Your head could be an egg!

SinCascoIf I were you I would wear helmet . It those crazy days of hurries and fast powerful car and mad monkeys in it riding out of control.

Yestertday one of those guy I´ve talking you about , came into a cross round scuare  at 70 km/h without pain attention to give way  that I was already into the square. When I  looked twice at the car i noticed that it wouldn´t stop . Mother   ! ….. You had not seen me u are mad !.

He add that the trafic jam was open. So there it goes …  The car entered and as i shout at his window the afraid man  brake and stopped the car besides me I  just could brake and turn and the handle of the bike.

Vamos lo que se dice torear cornudos. Jugandote la vida en un cruce con un cabestro cualquiera .

For those history my friend undertand to be specting what else dangerous situations and of course use the head with a helmet on it and wear it. Choose life

~ by lucianomqz on octubre 18, 2009.

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